Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 11-25-2015

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Friday, September 4, 2015


 Take some time and relax, click on the video let the music wash over you, envelop you within it's peaceful beauty and just let it all go, even if only for a little bit.


 Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Meet Aria!

We have a new addition, Aria came into our family on Friday, July 31st. she was 10 weeks old, I figure her birthday to be somewhere around May 17th.  I'm not sure and neither were the people that had her, they just knew she was 9 weeks old when they purchased her.  A little counting back on the calendar and I gave her a birthday of May 17th. Lol

The people we got her from had only had her a week, she was their first puppy and they decided they didn't have time for her.  The family also didn't do enough breed research before getting a husky, so in addition to lack of time, she was, at 10 weeks old too much for them to deal with.  They are planning on getting another puppy, just not a husky. :)   

Aria is smart as a whip, she knows her name already, which is one of the things the lady was complaining about, the puppy didn't come to her name when called. problem here, she comes when called or at least acknowledges her name.  She already goes to the door when she needs to go outside and do her business, and as far as crate training, no problem, she settled right in with only a minimal amount of complaining the first night.

I am so happy I decided to check Craigslist when I did, I wasn't going to, but something told me, "go look at the ads"  The ad for Aria was the second one on the page, I saw her photo and yelled at The Husband, "Come see this puppy! she kind of looks like Taelia did when she was a puppy!"  he came down said, "She does is there a number to call?"  He called and the rest is history, she is now firmly planted in our family and our hearts. :)

This is Aria, our little bi-eyed cutie...

 Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Two for Tuesday

Here's two hits from one of my Daddy's favorite groups, The Platters.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

The Great Pretender

I hope you enjoyed the blast from the past, have a great day.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

I saw this on a page that I follow on facebook.  I liked it so I'm sharing it here.

Have a good day,

(all credit goes to tainted butterfly, the original designer of the image)

Monday, July 6, 2015

Meet Taelia

 I originally wrote this post on Sept. 7 2009.  I am sharing it again because on June 22, 2015 which was 2 weeks ago today, my beautiful girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge.   Taelia was 11 years old,  we took her in for an appointment on a Thursday, she had started drinking enormous amounts of water.  Blood work was done and she was to see a specialist for an ultrasound of her liver on Tuesday, she was fine on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday she just started going downhill, she loved car rides, so my husband and I loaded her up in the car and drove her around town, through the back roads where she had her head out the window watching the dairy cows, she looked like she was smiling.  When she brought her head in and lay down on the seat, we brought her home.  Monday morning she crossed over, our veterinarian said since her illness progressed so quickly that it was more than likely cancer.

Taelia was the best dog anybody could have ever asked for, I will forever miss her, she holds a special place in my heart that no other can fill.  Rest In Peace sweet girl, we'll meet again. 

Today, I want to introduce you to one of my "furbabies" that is what I call my dogs and cats. I call them that because they are family members, they just have more hair. :D

Yes, I know they are not really kids, and I don't dress them up or anything, it really is just a term of endearment.

Let me introduce you to Taelia, she is my Siberian Husky.

Here she is in the arms of her foster mom in a photo taken at the rescue center. When we got her she was 10 weeks old. Isn't she cute? how could that mischievous little face be denied? :D

I had been browsing Siberian Husky Rescue web sites for awhile. My search was a difficult one because we had to find a dog that did not have a high prey drive because of the cats and my Shih-Tzu.

Ideally a puppy would be best so that it could be brought up with the cats and Toby, the Shih-Tzu. That way they would become her surrogate pack members and she would not see them as prey.

Puppies are hard to come by in rescue and most of the adult dogs that were in rescue all said not good with small dogs or small animals. Which if you know Huskies you know this is a common trait.

I was starting to get discouraged. I had been going to this site BASH almost daily with no luck. Then one day, I noticed the name Vikee with no picture, me being my curious self clicked on the name and it said for more information go here SHRRC, so I did. :D

The picture above is what I found. I immediately called Catman and yelled, "Can I get a puppy?" his reply was "if you think you can handle the training, go ahead and call" LOL! that was all I needed to hear.

I emailed the foster mom and then followed up with a phone conversation. Vikee was still available and she wasn't ready for adoption yet, she was getting spayed. But as soon as she came home from the vet she'd be ready. I set up an appointment for Toby and Vikee to meet, well that went over really well. Toby was the perfect pain in the butt, he did not like her at all. I thought oh no, I'm not going to get to have her, but the rescue lady understood that it would take time.

She asked us all kinds of questions, did we have Northern breed experience? did we know about their escape abilities? the prey drive? the need to dig? I of course answered yes to all of the above because growing up I had a Husky, Shadow, she was black /white with two piercing blue eyes. She was the one that started my love of the breed. Shadow was the most mellow of dogs, low prey drive, she could escape though and she would sing. I am probably the only person that did not mind when she would throw her head back and howl at the moon. :D After Randee(foster mom) found out that I had a Husky previously, the adoption process went quickly. We were able to bring Vikee home that very day. Vikee was the name that Randee gave to Taelia because she had been bought from a breeder by a family that did not get permission to have a dog in the house they were renting and when the landlord discovered the puppy, she was evicted. Evicted=Vikee.

B's picked out the new name for Vikee. Taelia is the name of the winter fairy in an online site called Neopets. We figured it fit since Siberian Huskies are a Northern breed, Northern areas get lots of snow, so Vikee became Taelia.

Oh she was a handful when we brought her home. The first thing she did was corner Al, the top cat in the closet, she never did that again. LOL! She used to like to bite B's. Taelia would jump up from behind the chair and nip B's on the head. I went as far as to spray my child with bitter apple, it didn't work, Taelia liked it.

She finally outgrew that behavior after she started going to obedience school. Which she passed with flying colors, both her puppy class and her intermediate class. It was kind of funny, at school, she was the poster dog, but at home all the lessons went out the window. LOL! Huskies do not like to be told what to do, they think they can do it better their way. Taelia would have gone on to advanced class, but I got kicked out of class.:D The instructor told me if she was to go on to advanced lessons, Catman would have to be the handler. I was not dominant enough to control the dog. :( Catman's schedule didn't fit any of the class times so, my baby became a dropout.

Everything has turned out good though. Taelia loves the cats, she goes as far as to leave them pieces of dog food laying around the house. She does not try to escape and she adores B's. The only thing she will do given the chance is dig and dig. I have noticed that she does try to catch birds when they fly by her, so I'm not sure she would be trustworthy around flying things. Huskies can jump high enough to pull a bird out of the air. I have a friend in AZ that saw her Husky do it.

Taelia is also not much of a talker, she doesn't sing, but once in awhile, she'll give you the woo-woo sound that Huskies make. I miss the singing and the talking that Shadow used to do, but I wouldn't trade my Taelia for anything. She has turned out to be a really good dog, she is my companion, she can read my moods better than anyone and she is always there to make me feel better.

Here she is today at almost 5 years old. She will turn 5 on Dec. 31st. She still has that mischievous look to her.

I used to tell Catman that she had a split personality, the side with the brown eye was the good side and the blue eyed side was the naughty side. LOL!

Huskies blow their coats 2x per year when they are outside or in colder climates. Being in CA, she blows it year round. So there is constant sweeping going on, which is kind of a pain, but
even with all the fur loss, and the digging. You know if Catman would let me I would have at least 3 more Huskies.

Yes, I truly adore this breed, they are not for everyone, but once you have had a Husky, you won't want another breed of dog. In my opinion, they are the perfect companion. If you are looking for a guard dog or a watch dog the Husky is not for you.
Their personalities are great, they are friend to everybody. :D

I could go on and on, but I wont. I am sorry for rambling, but when it comes to my dogs, I can't seem to help myself. :D

Have a great day!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day, May 25, 2015

Some gave all...gone but not forgotten, you'll forever reside in our hearts.  


(image found on GOOGLE, all credit goes to original creator)