Saturday, March 20, 2010

info on how to garden in limited space

I was perusing videos on youtube yet again and found this one to be pretty useful. For those of you that think you can't start your own gardens due to lack of space because you live in the city or just have a lack of room, think again.

This guy has some good ideas for container gardening, he has a website as well, he gives you the link in the video. He is located in the UK, but the general idea of container gardening is Universal, is it not? give the video a look if you're interested in growing your own foods in a limited space.

have a good day,


Ken said...

(playin'catchup), vid,i'm gonna have another garden if it kilz me,been wurkin' on a spot...GoodLordWilling,this will be the year for it to be permanent

Felinae said...

Hi Ken :)

Good luck with your garden venture. I hope this is your year too.

We started some of our seeds indoors, they are doing good. I've been talking to them every day. I am excited to see all the little seedlings coming up :D

Catman is still in the process of making the raised beds so they can be transferred outside. This will actually be our first year with a full garden. The peppers I planted last year only produced about 4 peppers, hot little things they were.

Good luck with your garden spot, Ken, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this year your garden is a permanent one. :)


Ken said...

...thanx fer the good vibes,i've grown lots of things separated and in pockets/small gardens(gotta have my 'maters and, maybe i'll get'em all together this year and have a "garden"...