Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8/8/17 Yes, 2 in one day. Lol

Go visit my friend Kymber's blog, Framboise Manor 

She has a great post up about another friend of ours over at the blog, Double Nickle Farm
Humble Wife's husband is a
Candidate for Sheriff, Otero County, New Mexico. 

So, if you know anyone that lives, or you yourself live in Otero County, please consider Bill Garza for your next Sheriff. 



Ken said...

...2 in one day, hmmm seems a little, good to see tho...yeah folks in these parts are devastated by the loss of glen, his home town is right down the road from me, delight arkansas...know several of his kin folk from previous marriages, his guitar will be missed that is for sure...see ya later sis, tell the pride I said hi...

Felinae said...

A little retro Lol there wouldn't be two if it weren't for Kymber's post. I just can't find anything to say anymore, so I share videos. I've been thinking of just deleting the blog altogether, but then change my mind.

I like that name Delight, it just as good as Surprise, AZ. :D

I will tell them hello. Have a good rest of your week Ken, it's always good to hear from you. Hugs to you and yours.